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It is no surprise that whenever you search on the internet about affordable dental services, Thailand dental holiday packages always rank high in the top searches. That is part of the reason why more and more Australians go out of the country to scenic destinations like Phuket or Bangkok to avail themselves of their inexpensive Thailand dental holiday packages. What are your options? Let us all find out.


Thailand dental holiday packages: The options

Many dental travel agencies are advertising all types of dental procedures provided in different dental packages that they are claiming to be affordable and convenient. Here are some of the Thailand dental packages that are available on the market.


Dental Implants:  In Bangkok, a well-known clinic, Yanhee International Hospital, is offering upper and lower all-on-4 dental implants for only $15000, when they would cost $23000 to $27000 in Australia for just the procedure alone! This package includes a 14-night stay at a 4-star hotel, return flights, and airport transfers. The procedure is also going to be performed in an ISO 9001 accredited dental establishment.

Teeth Whitening: This cosmetic procedure is said to cost roughly around $800 in Australia. In Thailand, you can get your teeth bleached like new for a whopping low price of $185 to $250.


Dental veneers: Want your teeth to look beautiful without the pain of getting dental implants? Try getting dental veneers! In Thailand, the price for getting this restorative and cosmetic procedure can cost you only $375 dollars, compared to the $800 to 2500 value you would be quoted in Australia

Dental surgery: Do you have impacted wisdom teeth but couldn’t afford the high price tag that comes with it? Thailand dental holiday packages are available for dental surgery that ranges from $80 to $500. This is nothing to the $1500 to $3000 price quotation for the same procedure in Australia.

There are so many more dental packages available that would really make you want to think twice about visiting your regular dentist and just avail of the services of a Thailand dentist.


Thailand dental holiday packages: Things to consider

When undergoing a dental procedure, no matter how simple or complex is, a patient should always prioritise his or her safety. What good is the improvement of your teeth of it can negatively affect your overall health, right?  Here are some points you need to think about dental tourism.

The country. Is it safe to travel to that foreign land? Are there any illness or virus lurking around the country that you may catch? It is no pressure about getting vaccination against viruses or infections that you can get from foreign tropical countries, but it will not hurt if you consult your GP first so he can assess you if you are fit to travel there and if you need other things to consider when travelling out of the country.

The procedure. Will this procedure really address your problem? Have you tried comparing other procedures that may solve your issue before coming up with this one? Did your regular dentist sign off or recommended this procedure to you? Are you informed about the possible complications you may have?

The doctor and the facility. Are the dental professionals handling your dental makeover part of the national association for dentists? Is the facility prepared to aid in emergency situations that may arise during or after the procedure? Yanhee International Hospital, for example, is one of the largest hospitals and medical centres in Asia that practices stringent safety regulations, but what about the standards of other dental establishments?  Are they practicing strict safety standards implemented by their government? How stringent are their rules and regulations regarding patient safety?



We hope that the information we provided here may be helpful for you in deciding which dental practice you would wish to get for your dental treatment. Always remember to put your safety first. Get all the correct and accurate details first before jumping to join the bandwagon called dental tourism.

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